Mindful Wellness Begins Here

The first step to better health and well-being is awareness. Despite the information and resources surrounding us, stress related diseases are steadily rising. The technology driven, multitasking, quick fix age that we are living in is taking a toll on our health and wellbeing. Stress seems to be a part of our modern lifestyle, but left unchecked it can lead to severe mental, emotional, and physical consequences. How, as a society, do we counteract this trend? We slow down. We pay attention. We quiet our busy minds. We notice what we eat, what we think, how we spend our time, and how it makes us feel. We do these things to bring awareness back into our lives. 

At Pura Wellness, I recognize that positive life changes can be difficult to initiate and maintain, but emphasize that they do not have to be complicated. Let's simplify and get back to basics of eating, exercising, and being mindful. With the help and support of a lifestyle coach, we learn what it means to take care of ourselves and create a culture of good health and positive decision making. 

Pura Wellness uses a coaching platform to help clients initiate and maintain lasting lifestyle enhancements. Using a combination of traditional Western concepts of health and wellness and mindfulness, I help individuals bring awareness and attention back to their bodies and minds.

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